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1)SAG & AFTRA Healthcare Could Not Be Merged Effectively.

2)SAG & AFTRA Pensions Could Not Be Merged.

3)Split Earnings Was Impossible To End.

4)SAG-AFTRA Income Required For Healthcare 

Would Become Near Impossible For Rank & File.

5)Streaming Was Already The Future

6)AI Was Already Beginning

Employer Controlled Union

I am writing to make sure my fellow members understand that we are in the background of a SAG-AFTRA scandal right now.

Duncan and the majority group UFS/USAN were caught lying for many years (Ref: Asner healthcare case), which resulted in members’ healthcare being terminated during a pandemic (when they needed it most). Then, in the 2020 contract, UFS/USAN continued to lie by claiming they secured “MASSIVE STREAMING RESIDUALS” with the backing of one of our biggest member/employers Tom Hanks. (I brought him up on charges concerning his endorsements, contributions and employer interference in our elections, but I lost to a UFS/USAN-appointed partisan disciplinary committee.)

This year, the WGA made the whole world aware of the truth (like the WGA did in their 2008 strike) about our anemic and non-existent streaming residuals (USAN/UFS caught in Massive Lie because there were NO Massive Residuals as they claimed in 2020). So then Duncan’s mentor and paid $500K union employee “Advisor” David White (ex NED) who publicly stated he would NEVER authorize a strike was forced to call a strike to deflect blame to the AMPTP.

Now, Duncan is negotiating against Carol Lombardini, chief negotiator of the AMPTP, (who also was named in Asner’s lawsuit)in order to shift blame from himself to the AMPTP. (Note: Duncan demanded a salary increase and an extension of his employment contract prior to authorizing the strike.) He gave the green light to certain non-AMPTP (at present during filming but probably AMPTP at completion for sale and/or distribution) major projects with WGA writers. This effectively causes SAG-AFTRA members to unknowingly cross the WGA picket lines and essentially become scabs.

Now, after “supposedly” not realizing that these major interim projects were damaging the WGA’s members, Duncan amends his interim filming agreement to exclude projects with WGA members. Meanwhile, instead of being terminated, Duncan was rewarded with an increased salary and an extension of employment. How does this benefit members? So now is Duncan going to shut down the current Greenlit productions that are hurting the WGA? Or is he going to continue to secretly aid the enemy (AMPTP) and allow those productions to continue? And let’s not forget unity2023 is now endorsed with USAN. The people responsible for the dire condition we are in now.

If you are tired of the drama, lies and corruption standing in the way of a fair contract for all of us, do not vote for anyone in USAN/UFS/UNITY2023.

 Please vote for me,

 Kevin Cannon.

Vice President # 010

Local Board Member # 036

National Board Member # 075

Delegate # 146

I promise no drama, no lies.

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